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Reception Information

Lets do your wedding special

We ready to customize your celebration and menu according to any preferences. Our professional team is ready to offer wide range of options. Traditional wedding or crazy party... huge Wedding Cake or Vegetarian menu... Cinderella or Alice in the Wonderland... Flower Arch or special Art project... Violin or DJ... Wedding for 10 or 120 guests... There is nothing impossible for us.

Take in consideration that Hotel Makanda areas well equipped with professional (even underwater) audio systems. Also we proud to offer huge video-screen for your romantic photo/video story. Professional engineer specialist and event designer can create any type of decoration for your special day. As a cherry on the top - dope menu and professional service.

Reception Information

The Sunspot Pool Lounge and Arbol Restaurant perfectly combined with each other and offer great area for celebration: cozy lounge and dining open air Gourmet Restaurant, nestled into the hillside of the tropical rain forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can rent the entire pool & restaurant area (up to 120 guests) for an exclusive reception, art-wedding or book a nice ocean view table for that first dinner as husband and wife.