Quepos Sport Fishing, in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The Quepos region offers some of Costa Rica's best inshore and offshore fishing available for your enjoyment year round. The area is naturally protected from the prevailing northerly winds and enjoys generally comfortable weather throughout the year. Anglers can expect rain in the late afternoons and during the nights starting around May and sometimes lasting through December, most often arriving at the end of your fishing excursion.

Billfish and Sailfish are the most popular choice for the majority of anglers, and you will rarely be disappointed starting in December and continuing through the month of April. Beyond a busy day of hooking up with Sailfish, Billfish and several species of Marlin, you can also expect Dolphin, Giant Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Cubera, Roosterfish, a variety of Snapper, Grouper, both Blue and Rainbow Runners, Snook, Jacks, Mackerel, and many other species. Costa Rica's Internationally recognized sport fishing records are a testament to why so many anglers choose Costa Rica for their sport fishing vacation. With bragging rights for more than 70 current IGFA world-record fish from Costa Rican waters, your dream fishing vacation is waiting for you!

For visitors convenience, there is an excellent selection of charter boats to choose from in the Quepos Marina. All boats are manned by professional bilingual captains and mates, with years of experience in catch-and-release fishing. Most charters are not only skilled in the art of conventional fishing, but many specialize in fly and light-tackle big game and inshore fishing as well. If you are interested in fly fishing, we recommend bringing your own fly equipment, as though most charters have basic fly rods and equipment on board, the best equipment is honestly not available in Costa Rica. All fishing charters include lunch (all full-day trips), snacks, fruits, soft drinks, water, cold beer, tackle, and all fishing tackle. Due to the popularity of sport fishing in our area, we are happy to help you pre-arrange your fishing trip to guarantee you space with the best charters and captains available.

For your convenience, the following as a general guide to seasonal fishing in the Quepos area, but remember…..fish don't necessarily understand this list!

  • Marlin - October is most commonly the top month for fishing marlin in our area, but action is generally good in September and November as well. Occasional Blues and rare Black Marlin are found any time of year, although they often are out further than the boats hunting for sailfish are fishing.
  • Sailfish - Mid-December through April is rated the best season, although big schools often arrive around October and have been known to stay longer than April. A few Sails generally appear among catches from June to September, mixed with a variety of other species found during those same months.
  • Tuna - Prominent throughout the year, as they are common along the Pacific coast, but are most abundant starting May through October. Most range from 8 to 12 pounds, but a handful of fish of over 200 pounds and others in the 100 to 200 pound range are taken every year.
  • Dorado - Once considered the most plentiful species, Dorado have been depleted over the past 5 years by commercial long-line fishing. Thankfully they are still hooked on a regular basis, with the best action beginning in late May when the winter rains wash debris from the river mouths creating the inshore trash lines that the dolphin are attracted to lie under.
  • Roosterfish - Fishing for this exciting inshore species is hard-hitting and exceptional along the numerous river mouths and rocky drops-offs found in our area. Especially keen areas are at the mouth of the Parrita; Palo Seco just North of Parrita and Damas; just outside of the Damas Island area; by the mouth of the Naranjo River, as well as around points at Dominical and throughout the Drake Bay area. Best fishing is generally considered from June through early September.
  • Snook - More recently threatened by local fishermen who have discovered the commercial value of this species of fish, top spots are located off the many river mouths that line our coast, as well as the Sierpe River and in the big lagoon of Sierpe. A World record Pacific Black Snook was taken a couple years ago just off the nearby mouth of the Naranjo River, making this a new draw for international anglers. The best months are considered from July through November during some of our rainiest season.


For a detailed list of species found in our area, please click here: