Hotel Makanda - Manuel Antonio, Quepos, Costa Rica, 60601, Costa Rica

Setting and Design - Hotel Makanda

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Makanda by the Sea is the ideal location for visitors wishing to experience Costa Rica's natural splendor and variety while enjoying the comforts of first-class jungle lodging. All of the Villas are contoured into the jungle and descending mountain terrain with the abruptly inclining hillsides allowing dramatic ocean views from all locations.

In July 1985, Makanda by the Sea was started by the designer and owner, Joe McNichols. Inspired by his dream, Makanda has been built in balance with it's natural surroundings. Using nature as the backdrop, the architectural openness allows the rich tropical flora to become a part of the living environment.

In July 2014, famous International Designers Team "Power Solution" started to work on creating a unique space of the hotel, combining a wonderful atmosphere of contact with nature, with the luxury interiors. 

A team of professionals has managed to realize a harmonious solution at the level of 5 stars. Using natural materials, hand-crafted decorations on Artists projects, energy-saving technologies and "smart home" allowed to bring Makanda by the Sea to a new level.

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Dazzling late-afternoon sunsets and tantalizing tropical breezes greet you as you stroll the beaches of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast.

A splash of color catches your eye as an unnamed species of bird or butterfly wings it's way through the rainforest.

A challenging hike through the jungle paths lead to a secluded rocky beach cove where discoveries aspire and precolumbian fish traps can be found.

At Makanda by the Sea you will find a number of ways of keeping comfortable on even the hottest of tropical days. The geometrically designed infinity pool has over four thousand square feet of deck space and is perched on a fourty-five degree hillside. Spacious viewing decks reach into the jungle canopy, bringing animal life within arms reach. Enjoy delicious appetizers as the sun sets among clouds, sizzling as it sinks below the liquid horizon, or sipping on a cool tropical drink while soaking in the jacuzzi is enhanced by the evening's cool breezes and spectacular colors.

From our infinity pool, follow the passage of monkeys, sloths, coati mundis, racoons and other jungle life as they wind their way through the surrounding rainforest. Or, unwind in the jacuzzi while the wildlife watches you!

Makanda, the name once said to mean essence or nectar in ancient Sanscrit, is a paradise found.

These are only a few of the many wonders that have captured the imaginations of visitors from around the World as they are quietly seduced by the natural splendor of a visit to Makanda by the Sea.

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