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Setting and Design - Hotel Makanda

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Makanda means nectar or extract in ancient Sanskrit its where paradise was found. As the saying goes: “the name is a destiny” and it is over 20 years as we present an extract of paradise. Makanda by the Sea is the ideal location for visitors wishing to experience Costa Rica's natural splendor and variety while enjoying the comforts of first-class jungle lodging. 

In 1985, designer Joe McNichols made his dream reality by building a hotel inside the tropical jungles equipping its top-notch comfort. There were hundreds of unique solutions and compromises that brought to the sense of unity with nature and luxury 5-star comfort. Saving the environment he designed and built 11 villas. Uniqueness of these facilities is use the nature as an integral part of leaving space.

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In 2014, Makanda surpassed to the step above. An international design company Power Solutions Studio (www.pssco.ae) began reconstruction. The design team improved hotel by using natural materials (marble, wood, etc.), bespoke art decor, installing energy savings technology and smart home system.

We are proud that tourists come from all over the world to plunge into infinity pool with charming ocean view and make great shots conveying richness of seen colors.

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Dazzling late-afternoon sunsets and tantalizing tropical breezes greet you as you stroll the beaches of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast.

A splash of color catches your eye as an unnamed species of bird or butterfly wings it's way through the rainforest.

A challenging hike through the jungle paths lead to a secluded rocky beach cove where discoveries aspire and precolumbian fish traps can be found.

It is just one of the comments received from our respectful guest who became regular: "I thought it was impossible to lie next to the pool with a cool tropical cocktail and delicious food watching how animal world in front of me lives their own life. It is like Discovery channel in reality. There were monkeys, sloths, coati mundis, racoons and etc."

We are pleased to be able to achieve harmony with nature and technology of the 21st century.

Makanda brings unforgetable comfort, extraordinary emotionts from Costa Rica’s sunsets and magical landscapes. Touch the nature within 5-star luxury boutique hotel Makanda by the Sea!

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