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Legalities of Marrying in Costa Rica

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A lawyer will be appointed to handle all legal procedures to make your marriage legal both here in Costa Rica as well as your own country.

What you will need to provide Lawyer with for filing the marriage:

* If the bride has been divorced within the last 12 months, it is required that she have a negative pregnancy test authenticated by the Costa Rican Consulate.

  1. Full Name (First, Middle and Last; No inititals accepted)
  2. Date and Place of Birth
  3. Current Address
  4. Passport Number (and nationality, if it is a non United States Passport)
  5. Maritial Status (if divorced, you will need to provide the date, city and state, name of court that decreed the divorce and the full name of ex spouse, no initials accepted). * Please note female divorcee extra requirements
  6. Profession/occupation
  7. Full name of father and his nationality (no initials accepted)
  8. Full name of mother and her nationality (will need to indicate if it is maiden or married name)


If you are coming alone we will supply witnesses for you. If friends are traveling with you they may act as your witnesses. (Immediate family members are not allowed to be witnesses.) If you do have friends that can act as witnesses then you will need them to provide the following information:

  1. Name (First, Middle and Last)
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Current address
  4. Passport number and nationality if not from United States
  5. Maritial Status

Additional Information

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You will need to bring with you two copies of each passport (Groom and Bride) and one copy of the witnesses passport.

Once all this information is supplied, you will sign a document prepared by the lawyer swearing that the information supplied is truthful. After the ceremony, the bride, groom and witnesses sign a certificate that the lawyer files here and at your home country´s embassy. The final document is then forwarded to you.