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"Absolutely amazing! Gracias! This is an amazing part of the world surrounded by pure Heaven. We will be back! We'll miss the pool immensely. Great food, great views, great honeymoon. I do think we'll come back to Makanda. Thanks for a fabulous finish to our honeymoon!" Chicago, IL USA.

"Pura Vida! A wonderful experience. The ambience is just marvelous. The staff made the stay more pleasant. We'll return and make Makanda our base again. Thanks."Helliston, MA USA

"Many thanks! Makanda is the perfect blend of luxury and local charms. The entire staff made it a perfect stay and we intend to return over and over!"

"We had a wonderful honeymoon here! What a beautiful place this is! We especially loved the sunset Happy Hour in the pool---we will miss it. Hope to visit again…." Chicago, IL USA.

"Qué Belleza! Totally paradise-that's been our experience at Makanda. A must to return to with good friends and/or soulmates."Arizona and Colorado, USA

"Gracias Amigos!! We had a wonderful time at Makanda by the Sea. The staff was courteous and helpful and the views were amazing. We shall return soon. Sincerely," Lexington, KY USA.

"Had a great time. Absolutely wonderful."

"Hermoso! If anyone asks us the definition of Pura Vida, we'll tell them staying at the Makanda. We had a wonderful time-everything was enjoyable. Thank you for a great start to a new marriage. We'll be back!!" Austin, TX USA.

"The most beautiful place we've been. The service was excellent, food was tremendous and you made our honeymoon much sweeter. We shall return and we'll bring our friends! Thank you and Mucho Gusto!!"

"We had a wonderful 7 days at the Makanda. The Makanda staff is so nice and we really enjoyed all the rest and relaxation. Much needed!! We love Costa Rica-Ticos are super friendly! Thank you all!!" Denver, CO USA.

"The most spectacular time ever! Certainly a fantastic honeymoon spot. Awesome service with great personnel. We enjoyed the friends of the staff! Thank you. We will be back." Dallas, TX USA.

"Wonderful! We will return-Thank you.", Santa Barbara, CA USA

"Whoever coined the phrase 'pura vida' must have been sitting poolside at Makanda when they thought of it. We will think of our trip here, and all of the friendly people here, often! Don't change anything! See you soon!" Chicago, IL USA.

"Thanks for a great honeymoon retreat. The lodging, food, and service were all fantastic!", USA.

"A jungle oasis! We loved every minute of this rainforest paradise. Staff, food, and rooms couldn't be better. Wish we could stay forever! Thanks for the adventure…." Orange County, CA USA.

"A wonderful relaxing vacation. The Makanda staff was wonderful and so polite. We will come again!" Orange Beach, Alabama USA.

"What a magnificent location for our family reunion! The serenity, bright smiles and wonderful gourmet food only enhanced a truly marvelous vacation. We hope to see you again!" Colorado and Washington, USA.

"Not a stressful moment all week. The helpful staff is only surpassed by the beautiful location. Pura vida.", Denver, CO USA

"Absolutely perfect! We had the most enjoyable vacation ever and we owe it all to everyone at Makanda. Very relaxing, perfect weather and impeccable service. We will be back! Muchas Gracias!", Denver, CO USA

"Time to leave, what a terrible thing! Thank you all for a perfectly orchestrated wedding. Makanda is perfection for a wedding and a honeymoon!! See you all again for our future anniversaries.", Long Beach, NY USA

"What a wonderful place to spend our honeymoon! The peacefulness is unattainable in the States. The sunsets are gorgeous. Thank you for a piece of paradise.", Houston, TX USA

"Sob….Sob…..Sob…. We are leaving paradise! Fishing was great….4 sailfish, 3 tuna! The chef at Makanda cooked our tuna! Incredible presentation! Room, staff, accommodations AWESOME!", Bedford, NH USA

"This was the most fantastic vacation (not to mention Honeymoon) ever! Thank you to everyone here at Makanda for your kindness and hospitality! We'll be back next year!!"

"Muchas gracias to everyone at Makanda! What a perfect-quintessential-honeymoon spot. The people and sights were fabulous.", Brooklyn, NY USA

"Beautiful place. Great Villa. Excellent service. Friendliest place we have stayed in , in Costa Rica.", Long Beach, Ca USA.

"Thank you for being here and having room for us.", Portugal.

"We threw away our Prozac. Nothing like this in Peoria! Many thanks!" Tom and Anne Stock, Chicago, IL USA.

"Fabulous! We had a great stay and enjoyed the views, the animals…..everything. The staff were excellent and the food fantastic!", Tokyo, Japan

"As ever, the highlight of our trip to Costa Rica. Here we feel totally relaxed and at peace with our surroundings. Thank you for making oour stay so worthwhile.", England.

"The most relaxing hotel we have ever stayed in. A wonderful beginning for our honeymoon. Thanks."

"A beautiful and relaxing place to stay! We had fun watching the monkeys! Everyone here was so courteous and helpful. A great place to come to if you just want to "chill". Thanks for the pleasant stay.",Lake Worth, FL USA

"I couldn't imagine a more beautiful honeymoon or a more beautiful place. Thank you for everything, we look forward to our return.", New York USA.

"Wonderful stay! We loved it! It made our honeymoon perfect! Thanks for the wonderful service!",Orlando, FL USA

"We had a wonderful view, beautiful waves and absolutely superb food! Thank you for making everything perfect!", Lubbock, TX USA

"It was great to wake up to such a fantastic view every morning! The food here was wonderful, and the staff was extra friendly and helpful. Thanks for a great time.", Pflugerville, TX USA

"What a grand finale to a wonderful Costa Rican honeymoon! The entire Makanda staff was superbly helpful and made us feel at home. Our Villa was fabulous with an even more incredible view. We hope to be back to revisit paradise soon." Austin, TX USA

"The most beautiful place we have ever stayed. Very nice people work here besides." Chicago and New York USA

"Wonderful escape! Drinking coffee and watching the monkeys jump in the jungle! Thanks for a fabulous visit."

"Thank you for a wonderful relaxing time. Your staff is the best!",Round Lake, IL USA

"Thank you so much! This was by far the most beautiful and incredible place we stayed at in Costa Rica. The ambience, service, food, and beauty was wonderful. We will come back and bring others! Thanks!!",St. Louis, MO USA

"Villa Uno will always hold great memories for us because that's where we became engaged!"
"Nearest thing to Heaven on Earth!", England

"Villa Uno was unbelievable. Makanda was outstanding…after searching all week for great food we found it at the poolside restaurant! Go fishing… the sailfish are plentiful!",Charlotte, NC USA

"What an awesome vacation! A taste of heaven on earth! The view from our Villa was second to none. A special thanks to the staff here at the Makanda. You're outstanding! Thanks and God Bless…", Oak Park, IL USA

"Thank you for providing a wonderful location to expend mucho amounts of film on. I've been accused of shooting every turn and every corner. I just wanted to take a piece of your beautiful home to my home. Thanks.", Los Angeles, CA USA

"Now I know why everyone loves Costa Rica so much…and they would love it more if they stayed at Makanda!"

"How will we ever top this! Sloths! Monkies! Iguanas!! The best view ever. We came here for our honeymoon, as many do, we hope to come back. Pura Vida!!"

"We threw away our Prozac. Nothing like this in Peoria! Many thanks!" Tom and Anne Stock Chicago, IL USA

"Muchas Gracias Makanda! This place is fabulous! We can't wait to come back! Valerie Laken Rodney Parker Ann Arbor, MI USA

"Had a wonderful time. Thanks to all of made our stay so enjoyable. Great place, great food. Best Christmas ever." Portia Redfield New York, USA

"Our experience here at Makanda by the Sea has been superb! A wonderful ending to our visit to Costa Rica……you've created Paradise. How fortunate that you found this area and had the foresight to know the potential. We'll be back!" Ellen and David Rudolph Boston, MA USA

"I couldn't imagine a more beautiful honeymoon or a more beautiful place. Thank you for everything, we look forward to our return." The Lakattas New York, New York USA

"Thank you for being here and having room for us." Cristina and Fernando Freire Portugal

"What a wonderful place to spend our honeymoon! The peacefulness is unattainable in the States. The sunsets are gorgeous. Thank you for a piece of paradise." Dana and Steve Wilburn Houston, TX USA

"Spectacular views! Love the quietness and seclusion. Muchas gracias for making us feel so welcome in this beautiful country. Can't wait to come back!" Steve, Roberto, Jeff, David Friedland Columbia, SC USA

"We had the most incredible, magical time. Everything was perfect." Felicia Sager Los Angeles, CA USA